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cl08275: RHD-n Superfamily 
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N-terminal sub-domain of the Rel homology domain (RHD)
Proteins containing the Rel homology domain (RHD) are metazoan transcription factors. The RHD is composed of two structural sub-domains; this model characterizes the N-terminal sub-domain, which may be distantly related to the DNA-binding domain found in P53. The C-terminal sub-domain has an immunoglobulin-like fold and serves as a dimerization module that also binds DNA (see cd00102). The RHD is found in NF-kappa B, nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT), the tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein (TonEBP), and the arthropod proteins Dorsal and Relish (Rel).
Taxonomy: Metazoa
PubMed: 127 links
Protein: Related Protein
Related Structure
Accession: cl08275
PSSM Id: 263562
Name: RHD-n
Created: 8-Feb-2008
Updated: 16-Jan-2014
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