NCBI BioSystems Database
Large scale data processing:  how to input a list of proteins and retrieve ranked list of biosystems
Thumbnail image showing sample FLink input and output.  Sample input is a list of protein sequence identifiers, and sample output is a frequency weighted list of biochemical pathways that include the proteins. Click on this image to learn more about FLink.

Use FLink icon FLink to input a list of up to 100,000 protein sequence (or gene or small molecule) identifiers and retrieve a ranked list of up to 100,000 biosystems. More information and illustrations are available in the FLink documentation:

Although FLink icon FLink was initially developed as a companion tool for the BioSystems database, it can also be used in a similar way for other types of input and output data (see the list of FLink's supported databases).

Revised 08 January 2016