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VAST Search results for CASP3 targets

As target structures from the CASP3 experiment have become available to assessors and predictors, they have been compared to experimentally determined protein structures in MMDB, using the VAST Search service. Due to the confidentiality of experimental data, some of these results are not public yet. Most of the X-ray crystallographers and NMR spectroscopists have provided access to their data before publication and deposition into public databases. To look at the structures and their structure neighbors, you need a username and password supplied by the CASP3 organizers.

CASP3/VAST Some of the structures, however, are in the public domain already. Click here to see the corresponding results! To view target structures and VAST structure superpositions you need Cn3D 2.5 installed as a helper application.

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Updated 05/16/05

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