3D Macromolecular Structures
How to find 3D protein structures bound to a specific small biopolymer (e.g., a peptide)
  Method 1:   Retrieve a chemical record of interest from the PubChem Compound database, then follow the Other Links:Protein Structures option   example: start with the PubChem Compound record for a peptide (CID 5496545)  
  Method 2:   Use the PubChem Structure Search tool to compare a query compound to the database and retrieve identical or similar compounds, then view the Other Links:Protein Structures option for the complete set of retrieved records.
(This method can be particularly helpful when searching with peptides that contain modified residues.)
  example: use PubChem Structure Search to retrieve a peptide (CID 5496545) and similar compounds  

Illustration showing how to link from a PubChem Compound record, in this case a small peptide, to 3D protein structures that are bound to the compound.

Revised 25 September 2015