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USE [DBAPI_Sample]; GO -- Recommended settings during procedure creation: SET ANSI_NULLS ON; SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON; GO /* * The "if proc doesn't exist create fake proc endif, alter proc" approach * below has an advantage over the "drop, create" approach. Specifically, * when the proc already exists, its properties (creation date, permissions, * etc) are not lost. However, you may need to drop and re-create if either * ANSI_NULLS or QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is not set correctly because those can * only be set during the stored procedure creation. */ IF OBJECT_ID('[sdbapi_simple_sproc]', 'P') IS NULL EXEC('CREATE PROCEDURE [sdbapi_simple_sproc] AS RAISERROR(''Incomplete.'', 11, 1);'); GO ALTER PROCEDURE [sdbapi_simple_sproc] @max_id INT, @max_fl FLOAT, @num_rows INT OUTPUT AS BEGIN /* * This stored procedure is referred to by the NCBI C++ Toolkit * documentation and sample programs. Please don't drop or alter it. */ -- Recommended settings during procedure execution: SET ANSI_PADDING ON; SET ANSI_WARNINGS ON; SET ARITHABORT ON; SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL ON; SET NUMERIC_ROUNDABORT OFF; -- Select data per passed-in parameters. SELECT int_val, fl_val FROM SelectSample WHERE int_val <= @max_id AND fl_val <= @max_fl; -- Assign an output parameter. SET @num_rows = @@ROWCOUNT; RETURN 0; END GO

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