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# testing user seqid list for seqdblist test # This line is a comment... #NP_104634 commented out... EAI# This is not a valid comment! #14339.1 NP_044095.1 # some extra free style commments here. NP_951078.1 ZP_00129469.2 # version not exist NP_909018.1 DDQ13492.1 # multiple string in one line DDG22538. EAI92731.x EAI68439_1 # wrong formats lcl|EAF49211.1 # this does not count gb|EAF49211.1 # this does count gb|NP_891258.1 NP_891258.1 # these are the same and should be count once EAD68078 # without version eAb16775.1 # smaller case should also work EAE31203.1 CAE61105.1 ZP_00157575.1 CAD11969.1 ZP_00016144.1 EAG09604.* DDD23347.1 EAK18306 EAG61924 EAE27101 ZP_00205068 T48635 DDM45611 P80487 CDD34100 NP_959387 EAJ95137 ZP_00197753 XP_357594 _BDD92411 EAI08555 EAH65677 CAD70761 *NP_817911 EAD44110 ECA32017 NP_735707.1 EDD95848.1 EAI57191.1 EAF76299.1 EAD55622.1 NP_268346.1 EAJ37530 NP_266707 CCA79710 NP_439235.2 EAF07709 NP_785509 ZP_00225087 CDD85678 NP_794059 EAF11763 73282 EAK82302 Q63931 ZP_00083852 Q9UWG2 ZP_00102706 DDF69647 DDL05711 // not a valid comment DDF91282 NP_760268 ZP_00099225 DDM65334 ECA92553 EAB95621 NP_978220 EAE15481 NP_788261 ZP_00145836 EAF52189 EAE57602 ZP_00203720 EAI62122 DDM73791 NP_187800 EAB80663 EAD24429 ACA02458 NP_930890 DDP03339 ECA27631 #comments in last line

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