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#ifndef __GUI_WIDGETS_SEQ_TEXT___SEQ_TEXT_PANE__HPP #define __GUI_WIDGETS_SEQ_TEXT___SEQ_TEXT_PANE__HPP /* $Id: seq_text_pane.hpp 35180 2016-04-05 14:49:47Z asztalos $ * =========================================================================== * * PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE * National Center for Biotechnology Information * * This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the * terms of the United States Copyright Act. It was written as part of * the author's official duties as a United States Government employee and * thus cannot be copyrighted. This software/database is freely available * to the public for use. The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. * Government have not placed any restriction on its use or reproduction. * * Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy * and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. * Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that * may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. * Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including * warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular * purpose. * * Please cite the author in any work or product based on this material. * * =========================================================================== * * Authors: Colleen Bollin (adapted from a file by Andrey Yazhuk) * * File Description: * */ #include <corelib/ncbistl.hpp> #include <gui/objutils/objects.hpp> #include <gui/graph/axis.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/gl/ruler.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/gl/gl_widget_base.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/gl/mouse_zoom_handler.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/gl/ruler.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/gl/graph_container.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_text/seq_text_defs.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_text/seq_text_ds.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_text/seq_graph.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_text/seq_tick_graph.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_text/text_sel_handler.hpp> #include <objects/seqfeat/SeqFeatData.hpp> #include <gui/utils/iclipboard_handler.hpp> BEGIN_NCBI_SCOPE class CSeqTextWidget; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// class CSeqTextPane class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_SEQTEXT_EXPORT CSeqTextPane : public CGlWidgetPane, public CEventHandler, public ISeqTextGeometry { DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE() public: typedef CTextSelHandler::TRangeColl TRangeColl; CSeqTextPane(CSeqTextWidget *parent); virtual ~CSeqTextPane(); // interface for a Widget virtual void Update(void); virtual TVPPoint GetPortSize(void); const TRangeColl& GetSelection(); void SetRangeSelection(const TRangeColl& C); void ResetRangeSelection(); void ResetObjectSelection(); void DeSelectObject(const CObject* obj); void SelectObject(const CObject* obj); void ResetSelection(); /// @} /// @name ISeqTextGeometry implementation /// @{ virtual void STG_Redraw(); virtual void STG_OnChanged(); virtual TSeqPos STG_GetSequenceByWindow(int x, int y); virtual TModelPoint STG_GetModelPointBySourcePos(TSeqPos z); virtual TModelPoint STG_GetModelPointBySequencePos(TSeqPos z, bool *found_in_source); virtual TSeqPos STG_GetSourcePosBySequencePos (TSeqPos z, bool *found_in_source); virtual void STG_GetVisibleRange (TSeqPos& seq_start, TSeqPos &seq_stop); virtual void STG_GetLineInfo(TSeqPos &chars_in_line, TSeqPos &lines_in_seq); virtual objects::CScope& STG_GetScope(); virtual const objects::CSeq_loc* STG_GetDataSourceLoc(); virtual TModelUnit STG_GetTextHeight(); virtual void STG_ReportMouseOverPos(TSeqPos pos); virtual bool STG_IsPointInRightMargin(int x, int y); virtual void STG_RenderSelectedFeature(const objects::CSeq_feat& feat, const objects::CSeq_loc& mapped_loc); virtual void STG_RenderMouseOverFeature(const objects::CSeq_feat& feat); virtual vector<CConstRef<objects::CSeq_feat> > STG_GetFeaturesAtPosition(TSeqPos pos); virtual void STG_SetSubtypesForFeature (CSeqTextDefs::TSubtypeVector &subtypes, const objects::CSeq_loc& loc, int subtype, TSeqPos start_offset, TSeqPos stop_offset); virtual void STG_RenderFeatureExtras(const objects::CMappedFeat& feat); virtual int STG_GetLinesInPane (); virtual void STG_SetDefaultCursor(); virtual void STG_SetResizeCursor(); /// @} /* used to determine number of rows and number of characters per row for model */ virtual TModelPoint CharacterSize(); TModelRect GetPreferredModelRect (); TSeqPos GetScrollAdjustmentForLastLineVariations (); void ScrollToPosition (TSeqPos pos, bool notify = true); void ShowFeaturesInUpperCase(); void ShowFeaturesInLowerCase(); bool GetShowFeaturesInLowerCase(); void ChooseCaseFeature(objects::CSeqFeatData::ESubtype subtype); int GetCaseFeatureSubtype(); void ReloadSettings(); void SetFontSize (int font_size); int GetFontSize (); bool GetShowAbsolutePosition(); void Configure(); void OnSize(wxSizeEvent& event); void x_CalculateOffsetList(CSeqTextDefs::TVariationGraphVector& variations); TModelUnit x_TopBlank(); TModelUnit GetBottomRulerModelAdjustmentHeight(); void x_OnShowPopup(wxMouseEvent &event); unsigned int x_GetOffsetForVariations(TModelUnit y); virtual void x_Render(void); virtual int OnCopy(void); protected: void x_ConfigureBottomRuler(); void x_SetRulerText(); /// CGlWidgetPane overridables //virtual void x_OnShowPopup(); CSeqTextWidget* x_GetParent() { return m_pParent; } const CSeqTextWidget* x_GetParent() const { return m_pParent; } virtual bool Layout(void); void x_SendCommand(TCmdID cmd); // Rendering functions void x_RenderContent(void); void x_RenderBottomRuler(); void x_RenderLeftRuler(); void x_RenderSelHandler(); void x_RenderSelHandler(CGlPane& pane); void x_RenderFeatureExtras (const objects::CSeq_feat& feat, const objects::CSeq_loc& mapped_loc); void x_RenderFeatureExtras (const objects::CSeq_feat& feat); void x_RenderCodons (const objects::CSeq_loc& loc, objects::CCdregion_Base::EFrame frame); void x_RenderCodonTick(TSeqPos cds_start, objects::ENa_strand strand); void x_RecalculateOffsets (void); // for rendering found list void x_UnderlineInterval (TSeqPos start, TSeqPos stop); void x_RenderFoundLocations(CGlPane& pane); void x_AdjustLeftRuler (CGlPane& pane); void x_AdjustBottomRuler (CGlPane& pane); virtual int x_GetAreaByVPPos(TVPUnit vp_x, TVPUnit vp_y); CGlTextureFont *x_ChooseFontForSize(int font_size); protected: // for Clipboard virtual int x_OnPaste(void); enum EHandlerArea { fSequenceArea = 0x01, fSubjectRuler = 0x02, fQueryRuler = 0x04, fSubjectGraphs = 0x08, fQueryGraphs = 0x10, fOther = 0x20, fAllAreas = fSequenceArea | fSubjectRuler | fQueryRuler | fSubjectGraphs | fQueryGraphs | fOther }; CSeqTextWidget *m_pParent; // parent widget CGlPane m_SequencePane; TRangeColl m_Selection; // translated selection // layout information TVPRect m_rcSequence; TVPRect m_rcAxes; TVPRect m_rcLeftRuler; TVPRect m_rcBottomRuler; CRgbaColor m_BackColor; CRef<CGlTextureFont> m_pSeqFont; CRuler m_BottomRuler; CSequenceTextGraph* m_SubjectGraph; CSequenceTickGraph* m_SequenceTickGraph; CRef<CSeqTextConfig> m_Config; private: // class for managing offsets due to variations class COffsetStart { public: COffsetStart(TSeqPos start_row, unsigned int cumulative_extra_rows) { m_StartRow = start_row; m_CumulativeExtraRows = cumulative_extra_rows;}; TSeqPos m_StartRow; unsigned int m_CumulativeExtraRows; }; typedef vector<COffsetStart> TOffsetStart; TOffsetStart m_OffsetList; TSeqPos x_GetSequenceRowFromScrollLine(TModelUnit scroll_line); void x_CalculateOffsetList(CSeqTextDefs::TVariationGraphVector& variations, TOffsetStart& offset_list); public: // for text search class CSeqTextSearch { public: CSeqTextSearch() : m_CurrFindPos(0), m_LastSearch(kEmptyStr) { m_FoundList.clear(); } const CSeqTextDefs::TSeqPosVector& GetFoundList() const { return m_FoundList; } void Reset() { m_CurrFindPos = 0; m_LastSearch.clear(); m_FoundList.clear(); } CSeqTextDefs::TSeqPosVector m_FoundList; TSeqPos m_CurrFindPos; // string that was searched the last time string m_LastSearch; }; CSeqTextSearch m_SearchObj; void ResetTextSearchData() { m_SearchObj.Reset(); } void SetTextSearchData(const CSeqTextSearch& data) { m_SearchObj = data; } const CSeqTextSearch& GetTextSearchData() const { return m_SearchObj; } // for selection void OnMousePush(wxMouseEvent &event); void OnMouseDrag(wxMouseEvent &event); void OnMouseRelease(wxMouseEvent &event); protected: CTextSelHandler m_SelHandler; // for Tooltips public: // necessary for virtual bool TC_NeedTooltip(const wxPoint &pt); virtual string TC_GetTooltip(const wxRect &rc); protected: // event handler CTooltipHandler m_TooltipHandler; private: int m_TooltipArea; }; END_NCBI_SCOPE #endif // __GUI_WIDGETS_SEQ_TEXT___SEQ_TEXT_PANE__HPP

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