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 C++ BLAST Options CookbookThe purpose of the C++ BLAST options APIs is to provide convenient access to the various algorithm options for a variety of users of BLAST as well as a means to validating the options, while isolating them from the details of the CORE BLAST implementation
 C++ BLAST Options Design
 Implementing the BlastHSPFilter interface——————————–docs——————————
 Implementing the BlastSeqSrc interfaceImplementations of this interface should provide life-cycle functions as well as functions which satisfy the BlastSeqSrc interface
 Creating Custom Criteria SubclassesThe ICriteria "interface" class is provided with a predefined collection of criteria subclasses with class names of the form "CCriteria_<subset>" where <subset> matches the commonly used label of the subset, but all uppercase
 RepeatMasker output
 Using CSyncQueue class
 Deprecated List
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