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Homologene:913. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens ALDH7A1 NM_001182.4 NP_001173.2
P.troglodytes ALDH7A1 XM_001157473.2 XP_001157473.2
M.mulatta ALDH7A1 XM_001095681.2 XP_001095681.2
C.lupus ALDH7A1 XM_538607.4 XP_538607.3
B.taurus ALDH7A1 NM_001045969.2 NP_001039434.2
M.musculus Aldh7a1 NM_138600.4 NP_613066.2
R.norvegicus Aldh7a1 NM_001271105.1 NP_001258034.1
G.gallus ALDH7A1 XM_424422.4 XP_424422.2
D.rerio aldh7a1 NM_212724.1 NP_997889.1
D.melanogaster CG9629 NM_140842.3 NP_649099.1
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP000881 XM_316857.5 XP_316857.3
C.elegans alh-9 NM_065862.3 NP_498263.2
A.thaliana ALDH7B4 NM_104287.4 NP_175812.1
O.sativa Os09g0440300 NM_001069816.1 NP_001063281.1
X.tropicalis aldh7a1 NM_001016377.2 NP_001016377.1

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