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Homologene:37351. Gene conserved in Bilateria

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens ACE NM_000789.3 NP_000780.1
P.troglodytes ACE NM_001008995.2 NP_001008995.1
M.mulatta LOC100428661 XM_002800570.1 XP_002800616.1
C.lupus LOC610668 XM_003639249.2 XP_003639297.1
B.taurus ACE NM_001206668.1 NP_001193597.1
M.musculus Ace NM_207624.5 NP_997507.1
R.norvegicus Ace NM_012544.1 NP_036676.1
G.gallus ACE NM_001167732.1 NP_001161204.1
D.rerio ace XM_689244.6 XP_694336.5
A.gambiae ANCE9 XM_313865.5 XP_313865.3
X.tropicalis ace NM_001123410.1 NP_001116882.1

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