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Homologene:113300. Gene conserved in Bilateria

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens HTRA2 NM_013247.4 NP_037379.1
P.troglodytes HTRA2 XM_003309092.2 XP_003309140.2
M.mulatta HTRA2 XM_001110803.2 XP_001110803.1
C.lupus HTRA2 XM_532992.4 XP_532992.3
B.taurus HTRA2 NM_001077956.1 NP_001071424.1
M.musculus Htra2 NM_019752.3 NP_062726.3
R.norvegicus Htra2 NM_001106599.2 NP_001100069.1
G.gallus HTRA2 XM_423666.4 XP_423666.3
D.rerio LOC560917 XM_002663591.2 XP_002663637.2
D.rerio zgc:173425 NM_001105142.1 NP_001098612.1
D.rerio LOC100149563 NM_001128820.1 NP_001122292.1
D.rerio si:busm1-sl7.7 XM_003199695.2 XP_003199743.1
D.rerio zgc:174193 NM_001114706.1 NP_001108178.1
D.rerio LOC100536969 XM_003199704.2 XP_003199752.2
D.rerio LOC793110 XM_001332768.5 XP_001332804.5
D.rerio LOC793521 XM_001333269.4 XP_001333305.1
D.rerio LOC100003308 NM_001109735.1 NP_001103205.1
D.rerio si:dkey-33c12.10 XM_003199701.2 XP_003199749.2
D.rerio LOC797799 NM_001110528.1 NP_001103998.1
D.rerio si:dkey-33c12.2 XM_005172746.1 XP_005172803.1
D.rerio LOC100329860 XM_002664103.3 XP_002664149.3
D.rerio LOC799006 XM_001339375.5 XP_001339411.5
D.rerio LOC797876 XM_001923732.4 XP_001923767.4
D.rerio LOC100331049 XM_002665855.3 XP_002665901.2
D.rerio si:dkey-84o3.3 XM_002665850.3 XP_002665896.3
D.rerio si:dkey-84o3.7 XM_001335165.5 XP_001335201.1
D.rerio LOC799537 NM_001110170.1 NP_001103640.1
D.rerio LOC100330919 XM_005160985.1 XP_005161042.1
D.melanogaster HtrA2 NM_001275636.1 NP_001262565.1
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP000240 XM_310886.5 XP_310886.5

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