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   Finding Literature Linked to Compounds via MeSH: Cyanocobalamin

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  • Find a substance record for cyanocobalamin
  • Recover a full set of linked PubMed abstracts
  • Limit the set to those related to pharmacokinetics


  1. Start with a search in Substance
    • On the NCBI home page, choose PubChem Substance from the Database menu.
    • Type cyanocobalamin in the search box.
    • Click Go.

  2. Restrict the name by complete synonyms
    • In the search box, add [completesynonym] to the end of the query (cyanocobalamin). Your query should be cyanocobalamin[completesynonym].
    • Click Go, and note the number of records.

  3. Open a record to view available links
    • Click on SID 551494.
    • Scroll down to the PubMed via Mesh section, and click on pharmacokinetics.

  4. Compare to a search with MeSH
    • Click on the History tab.
    • Locate the search you just performed and its history number (query key) to the left. Clear the search box and enter this number preceded by the # sign (example: #2).
    • To see how many of these abstracts you would retrieve by finding cyanocobalamin in the Title or Abstract text, add this to your query: AND cyanocobalamin[tiab]. Click Preview.
    • What if you had searched with "vitamin b 12"? Try it: in your query replace cyanocobalamin with "vitamin B 12"[tiab] and click Preview.

Revised October 9, 2007