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Public Health Incorporates Genomics

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What three major efforts does the CDC state in its fact sheet on Integrating Genomics into Public Health Research are underway to translate genomics into usable information for improving public health?

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Public health programs will be impacted and developed as science and medicine learn more about genetics and genomics. Both the CDC web site and the PubMed search engine provide a means for the public health practitioner to efficiently learn about genomics as it impacts their field.

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  1. CDC Genetics and Genomics - Access the Genomics and Genetics section in the CDC's website

    • Go to the CDC Web site:
    • From the CDC homepage, locate the Genomics and Genetics section by clicking on the letter G in the alphabetic index.
    • Click on the link for Genomics and Genetics

  2. CDC Genetics and Genomics - - Locate the link for population research and click on it

    • Locate the link titled Fact Sheets for Public Health Professionals and click on it
    • Read the fact sheet titled, Integrating Genomics into Public Health Research
    • This fact sheet gives a brief summary of the three major efforts to utilize genomics for the improvement of public health

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