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Genetic Testing

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What laboratories in the U.S. test for Huntington's Disease? What is the sensitivity of DNA-based testing?

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GeneTests provides the clinician with an efficient means to locate genetic testing laboratories. Because registration with GeneTests is voluntary, there may be other laboratories in your community or state that provide testing but are not listed in this directory.

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  • Connect to GeneTests homepage
  • Click on the Laboratory Directory link in the navigational banner at the top of the page
  • Type huntington in the search box and click on search
  • Click on the Testing button for Huntington Disease
  • There are laboratories in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin listed that provide targeted mutation analysis.
  • Click on the Back arrow to move back to the Huntington's Disease
  • Click on the Reviews tab

  • OR
    Click on the GeneReviews tab in the top bar and re-enter Huntington Disease in the search box.
  • The Summary includes a Diagnosis/Testing paragraph which states that targeted mutation analysis detects the mutation frequency 100%.

Additional Notes back to top

The question is phrased using the familiar phrase, Huntington's Disease. The actual GeneReviews record uses the MeSH subject heading, Huntington Disease. Like other online search services, the familiar apostrophe s must be removed to retrieve search results. As many users will phrase the question using the familiar name, Huntington's or Alzheimer's, it is important for end users to learn to remove the apostrophe s.

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