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Bioinformatics Specialists
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Donna Messersmith has a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology with extensive experience in neuroscience research using molecular biology approaches. Donna has taught biology subjects to a wide range of different audiences, including adult students studying molecular biology as part of a master's degree in nurse anesthesiology at Georgetown University. As an educational product development specialist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Donna developed educational products that explain biomedical science through animations and other web-based innovative approaches. As a Kevric Company employee under contract to NCBI, Donna provided e-mail and telephone support to users of the NCBI molecular biology databases. Currently, Donna provides biomedical science education support services through her company Labs-Now ("Learn About Biomedical Science-Now"). Donna is an instructor for both the Introduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources course and the NCBI Advanced Workshop for Bioinformatics Information Specialists.