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Sample Prokaryotic Genome

Haemophilus influenzae

  • prokaryotic genomes are generally circular
  • a summary table near the top of the display provides general information about the genome, such as its length in base pairs, as well as statistics about the biological features (e.g., protein coding genes, structural RNAs) that have been annotated on the genome.
  • a thumbnail graphic overview in the lower right hand corner of the page shows a schematic of the complete, circular genome
  • colored lines extending into the circle and out of the circle represent genes on the plus and minus strands (colors indicate various funcational categories)
  • concept is similar to Map Quest -- the graphic provides an overview of complete organism, and you can click on desired region to zoom into detailed view of that region (or search for specific gene, such as topA in H. flu)

  • ~12.5 KB region is shown by default and arrows at either end allow you to move upstream and downstream

Genomes and Maps
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Revised 11/07/2007