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Entrez module of the MLA course on Introduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources
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Helpful Search Fields

  • Properties field
    • molecule type (e.g., biomol_genomic[prop])
    • GenBank division (e.g., gbdiv_EST[prop])
    • gene location (e.g., gene in mitochondrion[prop])
    • source database (e.g., srcdb_refseq[prop])
    • citation status (e.g., cit_inpress[prop])
    • HTGS phase (e.g., htgs_phase3[prop])
    • other features (e.g., partial[prop], complete[prop])
    • submission types (e.g., population study[prop])
    • see note below
  • Feature Key (nucleotides only)
  • Sequence Length
  • Molecular Weight (proteins only)
  • Organism (uses Taxonomy db)
A complete list of Search Fields and Qualifiers is available in the Summary Matrices file associated with the Entrez Help Document.

Note about Properties field:
The most commonly used properties are shown on the Limits page as check boxes or in pop-up menus (see Entrez Help doc for more details).
To see a complete list of properties, browse the index of that field in the database of interest. For example, select the Entrez CoreNucleotide database, follow the link for Preview/Index in the grey bar beneath the search box, select Properties from the Search Field pop-up menu, and press the Index button. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the index.

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Revised 10/31/2007