Scheduled Seminars on 9/30/2009

Stefan Wuchty at 14:00  Edit  Reschedule  Delete
Location: 8th floor conference room
Affiliation: National Cancer Institute
Host: Ivan Ovcharenko

Prediction of miRNA involvement in Brain Tumor Cell Biology
Despite progress in the determination of the regulatory functions of microRNAs,
little is known about their regulatory role in cancer cells. Utilizing gene expression
data of 27 glioblastoma samples we found that the mere knowledge of physical
interactions between mRNAs and microRNAs can be used to predict putative
regulatory interactions. Specifically, we apply a random forest algorithm, allowing
us to identify 411 interactions, involving 125 microRNAs that putatively tune the
expression of 122 mRNAs. While many of these potential miRNA reglators have
been found in other cancer types, we validate our results by experimental determining
the expression of microRNAs on a large scale. Furthermore, we show the power of
our results on a smaller experimental scale by testing predicted miRNAs on the glioma
relevant gene WEE1.

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