Scheduled Seminars on 4/1/2010

Mallika Veeramalai at 11:00  Edit  Reschedule  Delete
Location: 5th floor 38A
Affiliation: Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Host: Tom Madej

Fast flexible structural alignment using toplogical constraints derived from TOPS+ Strings Model
Protein structure analysis and comparison are major challenges in structural bioinformatics. Despite the existence of many tools and algorithms, very few of them have managed to capture the intuitive understanding of protein structures developed in structural biology, especially in the context of rapid database searches. Such intuitions could help speed up similarity searches and make it easier to understand the results of such analyses. We developed a TOPS++FATCAT algorithm that uses an intuitive description of the proteins’ structures as captured in the popular TOPS diagrams to limit the search space of the aligned fragment pairs (AFPs) in the flexible alignment of protein structures performed by the FATCAT algorithm. The TOPS++FATCAT algorithm is faster than FATCAT by more than an order of magnitude with a minimal cost in classification and alignment accuracy. For beta-rich proteins its accuracy is better than FATCAT, because the TOPS+ strings models contains important information of the parallel and anti-parallel hydrogen-bond patterns between the beta-strand SSEs (Secondary Structural Elements). We show that the TOPS++FATCAT errors, rare as they are, can be clearly linked to oversimplifications of the TOPS diagrams and can be corrected by the development of more precise secondary structure element definitions.

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