Scheduled Seminars on 2/24/2012

Fred Davis at 11:00  Edit  Reschedule  Delete
Affiliation: HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus
Host: Anna Panchenko

Cell type-specific neurogenomics
The nervous system contains hundreds of cell types traditionally defined by morphology and physiology, and more recently by gene expression. In this talk I will describe two collaborative projects that aim for functional insight into neuronal cell identity using high-throughput genomics. First, I will present ALLENMINER, a program that searches the Allen Brain Atlas of mouse in situ hybridisation data for expression patterns of interest. This tool was applied to characterize the transcriptome of a previously undescribed nuclei in the mouse hypothalamus. Second, I will describe an analysis of the expression and histone modification profiles of several neuronal cell types in the adult Drosophila brain. The results suggest that differential expression and histone modifications may be useful for identifying cell-specific gene batteries and their regulatory transcription factors. High throughput genomics has the potential to yield unbiased insight into neuronal cell identity.

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