Scheduled Seminars on 1/31/2012

Yang Huang at 11:00  Edit  Reschedule  Delete

Allele specific compatibility of interactions underlying yeast DNA repair phenotypes
Recent studies suggest that many phenotypes, including common diseases, are complex and are likely governed by multiple loci and interactions between these loci. To uncover such interactions, we propose a model based on the observation that common phenotype of parental strains is often lost in some of their progenies, which cannot be accounted for by considering only one locus. Our model assumes that interacting loci, which co-evolve acquiring allele specific compatibility to maintain their interaction, correlate with phenotypic change in a genetic cross when the compatibility is lost. We have developed a novel computational method, LoCAp (Locus Compatibility Approach) to detect interactions between loci consistent with such a model. We then applied our approach to detect allele specific interactions related to yeast DNA repair phenotype. Comparing our results with one-locus model, we found that interacting loci can better explain phenotype of parents and progenies. Our results are also consistent with the results obtained by a recently developed Extreme QTL experimental technique. These findings serve as a proof of principle for exploring allele specific interaction compatibility in predicting interactions between genetic loci.

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